Exhibit : Materials / Entrée en matières

Exhibit : Materials / Entrée en matières

05/02/2017 to 10/31/2017

Temporary exhibition : Material / Entrée en matières
From December, 19th 2016 until October 31st 2017
Included in the entry fee of the museum.

Whether they are creative as plastics, techniques as metallic alloys, noble and precious as organic materials, or even eco-responsible , the materials are declined infinitely ... for the greatest pleasure of designers and consumers.
Today, eyewear manufacturers are looking for new ways to approach creation with innovative shapes, but also with unusual materials, original techniques or amazing combinations.

The exhibition takes you on a tour to discover the secretsof materials used to produce your glasses.
Around fifty contemporary frames fashioned by eyewear manufacturers reveal themselves in a scenography enhancing their creativity and their know-how.

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