Guided tours / audio guides online

Guided tour in English

Throughout the year, the Eyewear Museum team and friends of the Museum will take you on a guided journey of discovery through the riches of the permanent exhibition.
Guided tours are available in French and English.
  • For groups (more than 10 people), guided tours are available throughout the year subject to prior booking. Tel.: +33 (0) or
  • For individual visitors, guided tours are available during the winter holidays (February to March) and summer holidays (July to August). Tours are included in the ticket price and prior booking is not required. They take place at set times: please see the event schedule for each holiday on the what's on page.

Audio guide tour

The Museum has produced audio guides to provide commentary on self-guided visits through the permanent exhibition. They are available in English and German, are free of charge and can be picked up from the Museum ticket desk. They can also be listening on the link below or downloaded here:
2 : Iron                                        3 : Spectacles
4 : Farms                                    5 : Water powered
6 : The machines                      7 : The rolling mill
8 : Inventions and patents      9 : Screw-presses
10 : The workshop                   11 : The rope machine
12 : Optical school                   13 : Assembling spectacles
14 : Polishing                            15 : Tumbling barrel
16 : Marie de Medicis              19 : André Courrèges