The glasses : fashion accessories

From December 27th, 2017 to October 29th, 2018.
Entrance fee included in the entrance fee of the Museum.

Wearing glasses above all allows better vision ... But wearing glasses is also asserting a style, displaying a certain aesthetic, defining one's personality ...  

The history of fashion begins in 1858. The designer Charles-Frédéric Worth, pioneer of "haute couture", is the first to organize a "défilé". However, glasses only appeared on catwalks in the 1950s. From that time, they have no longer been considered just as medical objects but they became real fashion accessories.

Fashion is a key phenomena in our consumer society, which is largely supported by advertising and the media. It's a way of living, behaving and it does not stop renewing itself. For designers, fashion is synonymous with aesthetic research. For those who follow her, fashion affirms a social rank, a purchasing power and defines a personality. The glasses have become objects of appearance, testifying to the importance given to the image in our society.  

Thanks to its remarkable collection of sunglasses and optical frames, signed by designers and creators, the Eyewear Museum in Morez presents a retrospective on the fashion eyewear scene from 1950s until today.