Women's Encounters

Women's Encounters

Temporary exhibition : Women's Encounters
From November 2nd 2016 until March, 24th 2017
Free entrance

This exhibition is initially the meeting of two painters willing to pass on emotions.

Florence Goudot graduated from the Beaux-Arts of the Academy of Besançon. She is particularly attached to the representation of woman using games of shadow and light. In her drawings, the absence of face creates the mystery. The serie "Elle" depicts a woman through different canvases, introducing the symbolism of red. It is above all a pretext for arousing the interest, the imagination and the emotions.

Elodie Georgel is a self-taught artist. Using different materials and colors, she suggests movement and relief in her canvases. After a few years of practice, the desire and need to evolve leads her to a more graphic work. She turns to rounded shapes, creating different spaces across the canvas. Her goal: to work the imagination of everyone!